Battiferro Trowel

Battiferro di Maniago is based just outside Venice, Italy and have been producing quality hand-made tools and equipment since 1957. In the 1960’s Battiferro began producing tools commercially and have been on the cutting edge of product development and high quality design. Battiferro di Maniago has since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of archaeological trowels and equipment.

Battiferro Womens trowel

£15.99   £13.99

Battiferro Professional Archaeology Trowel

£17.99   £15.99

Battiferro Archaeology Trowel Holster

£19.99   £16.99

Fine Work Trowel

£14.00   £13.99

Battiferro Archaeology Set

£42.99   £37.99

Battiferro Archaeology Trowel Holster

£34.99   £31.99

Battiferro Archaeologists Trowel & Square

£16.99   £11.99

Archtools Battiferro Small Tools

£36.92   £35.99

Battiferro Sharpened Section Trowel

£17.99   £14.99

Battiferro Archaeologists Leaf & Square

£14.99   £11.99

Battiferro Archaeologists Lance and Square

£16.99   £11.99