WHS Trowel

WHS Archaeology Trowel

The famous WHS archaeology trowel brand is part of the Spear & Jackson Group and was originally founded in 1793 - The initials stand for William Hunt & Sons of Brades Steel Works. Or in the trade, they are referred as:  "Work Hard or Starve".

The WHS name is the largest British-owned hand tool manufacturer of archaeological trowels, with its world wide headquarters based in Sheffield and a further plant in Birmingham. Additionally, with offices in the USA, Australia, New Zealend and the UK, they employ almost 2000 people and export to 118 countries under the parent company of Speak & Jackson. The WHS archaeological trowel is the archaeology trowel of choice by many archaeologists within the UK.

WHS Professional Archaeology Trowel

£15.00   £13.49

Archaeology Section WHS Trowel

£16.99   £11.00

WHS  Archaeology Trowel

£15.00   £13.49