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Battiferro Women's Archaeology Trowel

The women's archaeology trowel has a sharpened 11cm blade (125mm, 4.5 inches) with double edges 1.2 mm thick. So sharp, it can slice through tree roots..

This is the world's first archaeology trowel designed with women in mind, or archaeologists with small hands. Developed as a joint venture between and Battiferro di Maniago after feedback from customers and leading archaeologists from around the world.

The trowel features a natural hardwood bulbous handle, smaller in size than regular archaeological trowels and reduced width to allow increased grip. The smaller tang decreases hand fatigue and strain on the wrist and fingers.

Field tests by female archaeologists, students and amateurs alike have all reported that the trowel reduces palm blistering and has increased comfort over regular archaeological trowels they've sampled.

Manufactured by Battiferro di Maniago S.N.C and exclusively distributed in the UK by Archtools.



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I bought a sharpened Battiferro trowel with a couple of years ago but lost it in Cornwall in January. I don't like the new fat Bladed WHS and thought I'd give the Battiferro a go. I hardly ever use my old WHS now. When I lost my trowel the only wooden handled option fir replacing it was the "women's" archaeology trowel. Ignore the name, everybody who has borrowed this trowel, male or female, has commented on what a good trowel it is, and how much easier it makes work.


Such a good idea to have a trowel for women !! It is much easier to handle and use in the trench! I'll be sure to recommend it to my female archaeologists friends :D


Awesome trowel! My sectioning has never looked so good!


I have had a number of trowels but this is by far the best I have used. The smaller handle and the lighter weight makes this trowel easy to use for someone like me who has a smaller hand. A great idea!!!


Such a good idea, us women are taking over the world one trowel at a time ;p


I love this trowel, I just wish it had a pink handle ;p